Ork Fixer


Physical Description:
Vinyl is short for an Ork, standing at 163cm. His skin is cinnamon and his features look Mediterranean. Vinyl has short, dark brown hair and a cool demeanor. His cybereyes are designed to look innocuous, but are obviously artificial if you look closely. He is never afraid to meet anyone’s gaze because he’s always sure that he can get you something that you need. Vinyl dresses well for someone in the streets, preferring slacks and a blazer instead of leather, denim, and chains. Vinyl will sometimes wear a simple steel necklace, but otherwise wears no jewelry. His left leg is obviously a cyber replacement. It moves smoothly, but there is an audible whir whenever he walks.


Vinyl is decently connected, he doesn’t always know who to send a runner to directly, but he can always find out. Vinyl is a businessman and treats most of his contacts accordingly, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be pleasant. He is likely to respond positively to invitations to drinks or clubs unless he is otherwise engaged. He likes to have a good time and is always looking to meet new people and expand his web of contacts. Those who watch him at social gatherings will notice that he is not shy about watching the ladies, but he is polite when his advances are rebuffed.


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